It's true. The average non-motorcyclist rarely sees us on the road. We are typically an afterthought to the general motoring public. I've been there, you have too, dealing with inattentive drivers, or those that just don't look for single-track vehicles. Without the protection of steel like most vehicles on the road, it is up to us to hone our skills and defensive riding techniques to keep us out of danger.

But still, there are accidents. And what is the number one reply when a driver hits a motorcyclist? "I didn't see them!"

And when I hear that, I usually get MAD. And so should you.

Motorcycle Awareness Designs has been started to make inroads into the public attitude towards motorcyclists. It doesn't matter what you ride, your riding style or how you use your motorcycle - on cross country tours or commuting, the need for the non-motorcyclists out there to respect your right of way and safety is paramount. The rider and their passenger can only do so much with proper gear and a mechanically sound bike. The rest depends on the motoring public looking out for us.

So, looking out for us also means communicating that motorcycles are everywhere. More and more riders are out enjoying their bikes, especially during a short riding season. It is essential that the rest of those on the road be made aware of a bike's narrow visual profile, hard to judge speed differential and vulnerability to immovable objects.

That is why Motorcycle Awareness Designs was founded. Created by a passionate rider and graphic designer, the need was there to promote motorcycle safety in a new and unique way. What sets apart MAD from other designs is the compelling graphics plus bright yellow colors for powerful and eye-catching messaging. More details on each item sold on this site, ordering questions and bulk pricing can be found in the FAQ section.

So, whether on your car, truck, van, bike, in your yard or as a shirt, MAD, with your help, will get the message out...

Watch Out For Motorcycles!


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